UmiChat seeks to provide our users with a communication platform that is secure and reliable. The following are the main highlights of such features on top of many more
End-to-End Encryption
Our end-to-end encryption is always activated to ensure your messages, photos, videos, voice messages, documents, status updates and calls are secured from falling into the wrong hands. Only you and the recipient have the special keys needed to unlock and read your messages. For added protection, every message you send has a unique lock and key. UmiChat will never have access to your chat data
Server Storage
No message data is ever stored on our servers. If recipients are offline, the message is delivered as soon as they come online and all associated data is subsequently deleted from our servers
VPN Network (Paid Services)
UmiChat VPN directs its traffic through an overlay network consisting of server relays to conceal a user's location and usage, with protection from attempted network surveillance or traffic analysis. This serves as an added layer of anonymous communication to safeguard user’s privacy with unrestricted access to UmiChat
As with most secured chat apps, private keys are usually stored within the user’s mobile devices, which engender physical and/or remote attacks on the device itself. Thus, the impetus of this solution is to isolate the storage of private keys outside of the device and mitigate the implications of such attacks
UmiChat intends to launch a series of Bluetooth enabled Personal Encryption Devices, that are compact, modular, and isolated for the external storage of secure private keys. This serves as an added layer of security for users to circumvent data breaches, and deter attacks from the extraction of data on mobile devices, SIM swap or even password breach
Personal Encryption Devices features: Bluetooth Low Energy Module • SHA-256 Hashing algorithm and AES-256 • Resistant against electromagnetic data sniffing • Integrated ultrathin 0.8mm battery • Double-encryption • Ultra-low power consumption
UMI Bot Services
UMI Bot Services are intended for businesses to connect with users via conversational commerce, through a simple and intuitive setup. Any users can make use of our UMI Bot Services to spice up their day-to-day interactions with friends or loved ones. Chatbots can be added to any chats by the creator or any user accounts that have been granted permission. Chatbots can be called out by the @ function and will be able to reply to users with text, links, videos, files and images.
Group Payment
The group payment function is a fast, effective and secure way to help an individual create money pools. It can handle a variety of payment scenarios: to raise funds for a group purchase, or for regular shared expenses whereby payments can be requested and shared with friends and family with specific settings. Most money pooling apps use fiat currencies, while UmiChat gives users the option to collect payment via digital currencies without cross-border limitations.
Stickers & Creators’ Market
UmiChat creators’ market is a platform for content creators around the world to create and sell their stickers and themes. After passing UmiChat‘s review process, creators’ stickers become available on the official online Umi Store. UmiChat creators' market aims to connect creators globally and rewards creators by offering flexible commission schemes whereby stickers that garnered more downloads will get a higher percentage payout thus encouraging creators to create quality content in the marketplace.
Pattern Lock ,
Touch ID/Face ID Lock
Pattern Lock, Touch ID Lock & Face ID Lock are optional security functions available to our users on top of SMS OTP authentication for login.
Chat Burn
For one-to-one chats, a user can send text, images, voice recordings, etc that will self destruct after the recipient has viewed the content.
Translation Bot Services
To be a truly global platform, UmiChat will introduce translation bot services that provide users with real-time translation within a chat itself. Users can also rest assured that the conversation remains private and encrypted, having no chat data stored at our servers.
UMI Game
Offering mini-games in UmiChat is an excellent way to engage users through casual gaming in a social networking manner, a proven method to increase daily active users. UMI aims to first develop its first few mini- games before embarking on releasing an open platform for game developers to enrich users‘ gaming experience.
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